clean it, film it, get refund


Wonder how to get a refund on your purchase?
Very simple. If you film yourself using the wipes on your headlights and then send us the video, we will refund your money! (limited to one set of wipes per person) Here are the steps:

  1. Buy it. When it arrives don't open it right away. Read the instruction on the box, or even better: Watch the "How To" video HERE.
  2. Use your camera to film yourself, or your friend or family, member using the wipes on your car's headlights.
  3. Send the video via, an upload service for large files. Our email address is Use it when asked to whom to deliver the video file. Let us know about your upload by writing us at 
  4. We will review your video and upload it to our website or youtube channel for everyone to see.
  5. You get your money refunded!*
* We might reject your video if the video or sound quality is too poor. In such case, we will not be issuing the refund.