Latest Customer Reviews of Our Headlight Restoration Kit

Latest Customer Reviews of Our Headlight Restoration Kit

Aya C

Every day we get awesome reviews from people who bought and used Headlight  Restore wipes. We have collected our favorites reviews and put them together for you to enjoy.

Someone who goes by the name Spanky rates our wipes 5 out 5 stars and wrote the review:

"I was not expecting much of a result but was wonderfully surprised by the results. I applied this to my friend's minivan whose headlights were so bad, you could hardly see at night. After using the headlight wipes, they looked almost new! One looked new, the other was slightly hazy, but it was a million times better and SAFER!"

Client Submitted Picture of a Headlight After Restoration

Bread B have attached the picture of his car's headlights after cleaning them with our wipes and wrote: "My headlights looked old and dated I almost bought new till I tried this product and I am amazed how fast and easy it was"

Jorge wrote about who he made a show out of restoring his headlight:

"I was able to perform a live demonstration in the shop that I work "Tire Choice". People love the product, later I told them where to get online. I used it on my wife"s vehicle and she is amazed how well the headlights look like new again. Thank you very much to your company for making this product. Sincerely, Jorge Espinoza ."

Here is another picture from a client who wrote: "This was quick and easy and a LIFE CHANGER! MUST BUY!"

Picture of a Headlight After Restoration sent us by client

Rudy wrote after using the wipes on his car: "Followed directions and it works perfectly. The headlight looks brand new. The only qualm I have long does it last? To be determined. I've had bad luck with other headlight lens cleaners. Hopefully, this one will last a very long time."

To answers Rudy's question we would suggest refreshing the headlight with the new treatment every six months, but the results may vary for each car due to the condition of the headlights and many other variables.

The last guys we would love to feature are two YouTubers to whom we sent our Headlight Restoration Kit - Lazy Boys. They used, they loved, and they wrote the following: "We loved working with you guys and promoting your product!! This product is amazing!! It works wonderfully!!"

If you want to see their reaction to how well their headlights look after the cleaning process watch the video below. We promise they are very fun to watch.

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